Committed to Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is an integral part of Vonco's mission and culture. We are continuously evolving and are committed to progress in our processes to protect the environment and each other.

Some landfills meet the usual expectations—dirty and unpleasant, a scourge where no life thrives. We aim to do better. The expectations that we meet include keeping our grounds clean and our slopes green, protecting our earth, and fulfilling clients needs and goals.

Whether it’s our neat appearance, the thousands of tons that we recycle, or the flock of turkeys and herds of deer that frequent our grounds, we don’t look like your average landfill—and we’re not. We care about the earth and the environment, and we’re fired up to do our part to show it.

Our Goals

Maximize Recycling

With our commitment to protecting the environment, we play a crucial role in minimizing waste by recycling wood, metal, and concrete materials, as we handle over 75,000 loads per year.

Keep it Clean

Most people think of a landfill as dirty, but it’s not that way with Vonco. We keep our slopes green and litter-free, with wildlife and birds of prey roaming the premises.

Innovate Always

Each day we renew our resolve to improve every aspect of our operation. In our industry, the day you stop learning is the day you’re left behind.