Committed to Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is an integral part of Vonco’s culture. We are evolving because we are committed to doing better.

Where others see dumping grounds, Vonco sees potential and possibility in repurposing and recycling. We believe that landfills can be more than just garbage piles. Our mission is driven by our responsibility to ourselves and each other to promote sustainability in all we do. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is what actively drives us to maintain clean grounds and cultivate vibrant green slopes. We understand that our actions have broader implications for the well-being of our planet and future generations. Vonco is not solely focused on serving our own interests--there is much more at stake. We strive to fulfill our responsibility towards environmental preservation and creating a sustainable future.

Whether it’s our neat appearance, the thousands of tons that we recycle, or the flock of turkeys and herds of deer that frequent our grounds as a living space, we don’t operate as one's average landfill—and we’re not. We care about the earth, the environment, and the communities we operate in, and we're fired up to do our part to protect all of them.

Our Goals

Maximize Recycling

Our goal is to make a significant contribution to environmental preservation by actively minimizing waste through the recycling of wood, metal, and concrete materials, a mission that comes to life as we manage over 75,000 loads each year.

Prioritize Composting

We are committed to promoting composting practices, transforming organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, and nurturing a greener future. By diverting compostable materials from landfills, we contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem and a cleaner environment for all.

Keep it Clean

Most people think of a landfill as dirty, but it’s not that way with Vonco. We keep our slopes green and litter-free, with native wildlife and vegetation residing on the premises.

Innovate Always

Each day we renew our resolve to improve every aspect of our operation. In our industry, the day you stop learning is the day you’re left behind.

Sustainability Commitment

Our Commitment to Sustainable Waste Management Practices

Multiple-layer composite liner systems for sustainable waste management

Consisting of multiple layers, this system acts as a barrier, preventing waste and leachate from contaminating the soil and groundwater. In line with our commitment to sustainable practices, we also incorporate composting into our approach, diverting organic materials from landfills and nourishing the ecosystem in return. By combining different materials, composite liner systems help minimize environmental impact and promote long-term sustainability in waste disposal.

The use of composite liner systems in waste management provides crucial benefits, including environmental protection, containment efficiency, durability, regulatory compliance, versatility, and long-term security.

Strict adherence to state and local regulations

We ensure compliance with all environmental requirements. Our commitment to regulatory compliance is exemplified by our track record, as we have maintained a clean record with no violations. Additionally, all operators at Vonco are Certified Landfill Operators, a testament to our expertise and commitment to upholding the highest standards in waste management.

Clean, organized, and minimally disruptive sites

We take pride in maintaining clean, organized, and minimally disruptive sites. Our campus provides customers with a seamless and timely experience, thanks to our focus on organization and efficiency. We go beyond the basics by implementing environmentally friendly practices such as using native grass mixes and planting lilacs to promote a healthy habitat around the campus and keep the landscape well-maintained. Our commitment extends to providing habitats for animals and minimizing disruption to the wildlife surrounding our campus locations. Vonco’s dedication to cleanliness, sustainability, and education sets us apart, making us part of the solution for our communities and the environment.

Active recycling and composting practices

To divert materials from the landfill, we have specific processes in place for different types of recyclable items.

Cardboard recycling

We ensure efficient cardboard recycling by breaking it down, compressing it, and securely tying it with wire before transporting it to a local paper mill.
Steel recycling

We utilize a magnet attached to a backhoe to capture steel that enters the landfill, which we then repurpose for building materials or send to a local metals recovery facility, maximizing our efforts to retrieve as much steel as possible.
Wood recycling

At our Vonco II campus, we follow a similar process as with cardboard, where we separate clean wood to be chipped and mulched, which is mixed in with our yard debris compost operations..
Concrete recycling

Clean loads of concrete are delivered to a designated area outside the landfill, without the need for sorting from mixed items. These loads are then processed, crushed, and transformed into aggregate, which serves as material for constructing roads within our facility or can be sold to customers.
Yard debris composting

Yard debris collected from residential areas is brought to our facility for composting and resale. We carefully organize and let it naturally break down, sometimes mixing it with wood chips. The process takes several months and, once finished, the nutrient-rich compost is utilized to enhance soils on our campus and various projects, offering benefits such as moisture retention, nutrient enrichment, and erosion prevention.
Repurposed materials

In the landfill, we actively seek out materials that can be repurposed for building materials and innovative applications.


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