Industrial Waste

Vonco waste campuses offer environmentally secure disposal for non-hazardous industrial waste. Our rigorous quality control and waste acceptance procedures ensure compliance with all applicable statutes and requirements enforced by state and local regulatory authorities.

Our waste acceptance process requires completion of a waste profile and possible chemical analysis to verify waste acceptability. Additionally, Vonco offers pre-printed manifests, waste profiling services, sophisticated waste tracking via site-specific, and custom-designed waste tracking software.

Acceptable Materials

Come prepared. It’s vital to know what materials are acceptable or non-acceptable when disposing of your waste.
  • Acceptable Materials

    This list may not be all-inclusive.

    • Spent sandblast media
    • Sludges
    • Packaging materials
    • Contaminated soils
    • Non-friable asbestos
    • Friable asbestos
    • Treated lumber
    • Railroad ties
    • Grit and bar screenings
    • Shingles
    • Styrofoam
    • Roofing materials
    • Plaster
    • Gypsum board
    • Wood/Plywood
    • Glass
    • Construction site plastic
    • Empty Caulking tubes
    • Tree stumps
    • Foundry waste
    • Shredder fluff
    • Asphalt
    • Brick
    • Carpet
    • Carpet padding
    • Concrete
    • Ceramic
    • Fiberglass insulation
    • Siding
  • Unacceptable Material

    This list may not be all-inclusive. If any of the following materials are found in your load, you will be responsible for taking them back.

    • Liquids
    • Hazardous waste
    • PCB ballasts
    • Household garbage
    • Radioactive waste
    • Burn loads / ash
    • Pesticide containers
    • Combustibles
    • Batteries
    • Mattresses/Box springs
    • Tires
    • Furniture
    • Appliances
    • Electronics
  • Forms